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Preschool Management System

Finance & Administration Management for Education (FAME) is an innovative database system for finance and admin management of schools - kindergartens, childcare centres, enrichment centres, private schools etc.

Once equipped with FAME software, your organization will enjoy substantial time savings (up to 90%), reduced data and reporting errors (due to single data entry and intelligent data checking) and automation of monthly financial and admin reports.

For know more about FAME, please FAME.



Teachers can upload student photos and artwork for parents to view via Internet.



Teaching Resource and Library Management
This solution helps to track the borrowing and returning of teaching resources and library books effectively using barcodes and scanners.



On-Line Attendance Marking
Daily student and teacher attendance can be updated using smart phones, tablets, notebooks or any devices with Internet access with a few clicks.


On-Line Travel Update
Parents can logon via Internet to update their travel plans during school vacations.


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